Machine Magic

Hello! Machine Magic is the design & development practice of Jennie Robinson Faber and my favorite collaborators, handpicked for each project. I make things with the communities I'm part of, as well as nonprofits, co-ops, collectives, and artists.

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Web Site + Application Development

We design and build fast, secure, accessible Web sites & applications that:

We specialize in migrating sites away from limiting corporate platforms like Squarespace, Wix and WordPress. Let's chat about something better!

We work with co-ops, collectives, collaboratives and non-profits to solve your unique digital workflow problems so you can make a greater impact with less effort.

Digital Workflow Consulting

Your group needs better processes and interfaces to capture and distribute the value of your collective work. Your quest for a single streamlined platform is probably not going well. Trust in your systems may be eroded, and people might not even be using the tools you're paying for.

Here's the truth: There's never been more options for connecting and using your data, sharing your story and engaging your community online. But identifying the right mix of bespoke and off-the-shelf tools to fit your budget and priorities is hard… and needs tending and care!


Own your process.

A custom tech stack designed in collaboration with your people, owned by your organization, can compound and sustain your work.

You make the magic – I'll make the machines work for you.

  • Consultation with key stakeholders
  • Evaluation of requirements
  • Step-by-step custom plan with tooling and implementation recommendations
Deliverable: Fully executable project plan
3-4 weeks

Plan & Build

Everything above plus:
  • Design, development and deployment of custom web site, application and/or organizational toolkit
  • Testing and iteration cycles, user research data collection and recommendations; launch planning.
4-12 weeks

Plan, Build & Support

Everything above plus:
  • Quarterly impact reports
  • Monthly consultation meetings with project lead
  • Flexible production retainer
12 weeks–1 year


  • Individual artists
    sliding scale
  • Collectives and worker co-ops:
  • Small nonprofits:
  • Companies and large nonprofits:

Mac GIF by Angelica Blevins. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.