Machine Magic

Hello! Machine Magic is the design & development practice of Jennie Robinson Faber and my favorite collaborators, handpicked for each project. I make things with the communities I'm part of, as well as nonprofits, co-ops, collectives, and artists.

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Web Site + Application Development

I design and build fast, secure, accessible Web sites & applications that:

I specialize in migrating sites away from limiting corporate platforms like Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress. I promise you can do better!

Digital Workflow Consulting

You need better processes and interfaces to capture and distribute the value of your work. But your quest for a single streamlined platform is probably not going well. Trust in your systems may be eroded, and people might not even be using the tools you're paying for.

There's never been more options for connecting and using your data, sharing your story, and engaging your community online. But unless you're deep in it (*wave*), figuring out the right tools and technologies can be… unfun.


Own Your Content

A custom tech stack designed in collaboration with your people, owned by your organization, can grow and sustain your work. That's my goal.

I work with technologies that any developer can pick up: straightforward JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and free and open source software for development and deployment.

If you need a more customized content management experience, I work with the beautiful and infinitely flexible DatoCMS or Nuxt Studio for git-based editing of plain text files.


Please note that prices are exclusive of HST.


  • Consultation with key stakeholders
  • Evaluation of requirements
  • Step-by-step custom plan with tooling and implementation recommendations
Deliverable: Detailed quote and fully executable project plan you can hand off to any Web dev (or me!)
~1 week

Plan & Build

Plan plus:
  • Design, development, and deployment of your custom web site
  • Domain registration or transfer
  • Training and reference documentation
  • Testing and iteration cycles, bug fixes, sector research and recommendations, and launch planning
1-3 months


  • Weekly user metrics
  • Ad hoc meetings with your staff as needed
  • Flexible production retainer for new features


These are guidelines for how I calculate your project budget. You will receive a detailed breakdown. Prices are exclusive of HST.

Client Type Plan & Build
Individual artists sliding scaleno cost
Collectives and worker co-ops$950$1,200
Small nonprofits$1,500$1,800
Companies and large nonprofits$2,500$3,000

Mac GIF by Angelica Blevins. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.